Welcome to the new face of CCTV Underground Inspection Equipment!

As this blog post is being written, the finishing touches are going into our new website. Among the other new things making their debut here is the visual look of our new corporate identity, and we’re really excited about it.

All three of our product lines—Cobra Technologies, TrioVision Technologies, and AssetDMS—are now represented by visual identities that clearly show the relationship between them and our new parent company, Trio-Vision, LLC.

We put a great deal of thought and time into the new logotype designs. The first one, for parent company Trio-Vision, LLC, has several variants, one showing the logotype on a length of traditional flanged iron pipe, with the letters acting as windows through which shows a flow of water. In other cases, only the lettering is used, with the water flow element intact.

Our TrioVision Technologies product line logo uses a similar rounded font in a lighter weight, similarly split between light and dark blue to indicate the water flow, with three water droplets surrounding it to the left. These indicate the troika of products manufactured by us.

The new Cobra Technologies product line logo carries the same font as TrioVision, with a stylized cobra head inside the counter of the “b,” a nod to previous logo versions that embodied the line’s namesake.

And finally, our AssetDMS data collection and reporting software logo shares our two-tone blue corporate color scheme, while branching off with a separate typeface. It includes symbols of a stylized manhole cover and a touchscreen symbol to indicate both our leading-edge technology and the industry in which we specialize.

We feel all four new graphic identities do a great job of representing our company and its products cohesively in the marketplace, while reinforcing our progressive approach to staying on the forefront of technological innovation to keep our end users productive and profitable.