Detects and pinpoints targets underwater through sonar wave reflection, so it can perform even in a pipeline filled with liquid, to determine pipe conditions including cracks, root intrusion, and debris levels. The TVS-6000 is our most advanced device for pipeline inspection and assessment, providing a complete 360° continuous scan within one second, while its built-in roll and pitch angle sensors keep the image under control. Its user-friendly SonarPro 3D software interface lets you save data and images saved to the hard disc, and the built-in cable counter allows you to keep track of where specific faults are recorded.

Products Details

Standard Configuration

  • Sonar Probe – Acoustic parameters: Acoustical frequency 2MHz; Wave width
  • 1°(cone wave beam); Lateral resolution 0.5mm (Pipe radius 5 in.); Max. inspection radius 40 ft.; Transmit pulse width 4~20us; Receiving wave width 500KHz
  • Control Unit – Need model number and description
  • Sonar Float – Need model number and description
  • Manual Cable Drum – Manual layering; Counter has ±0.1m high precision coder for cable length calculation; Waterproof to IP63
  • PipePro Software – Need description

Optional Configuration

  • Special Battery – Need model number and description
  • SonarPro 3D Software – Supports pipe cross-section in real-time representation, and is extensible to full 360° profile; Automatically generates 3-D pipe modeling and allows operator to clearly view debris and defects; Supports debris volume calculation & analysis data for easy plotting; Automatic reporting for high-efficiency report preparation