In keeping with our tradition of innovation, we’ve designed a pallet-mounted inspection system that will easily slide in and out of any vehicle with a cargo space of at least 80” x 48”.

Products Details


  • Inverter-powered
  • Slides out easily for trouble-free removal from vehicle to storage when not in use
  • Weather-resistant control console incorporates a Sunlight-Readable AssetDMS Data Logger
  • Designed to prevent cable overruns, the reel is provided with a power level wind, electric re-wind motor and an air-operated positive engagement clutch eliminating any slippage
  • Flexible reel design can be used with any of our conventional vehicle-mounted systems or specialty systems
  • Full Mainline System functionality with the durability and flexibility required by demanding users
  • Made to fit several types of vehicles: SUV, pickup truck, van, box truck… anything with a large, flat space!
  • Up to 1,000 feet of TrioVision Video Cable can be supplied with the system.