The Cobra Sonar TISCIT (Totally Integrated Sonar and Camera Inspection Technique) System operates on a single multi-conductor Cobra ST cable, capable of inspecting pipes mounted on either a steerable crawler or a float system. The Single Cable Sonar and CCTV inspection system configuration meets every requirement. Using this system, sonar crews are now able to perform video and sonar inspection of up to 4,000 feet of pipe a day, compared to two cable reels and a limit of 1,500 feet…more than doubling production.

Using proprietary technology we developed, the system can operate a steerable crawler with lighting capable of illuminating pipe up to 200 inches in diameter, for a Cobra Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera installed on a remote elevator with a sonar unit mounted on the front of the Crawler and controlled using Cobra ST Cable, controlled by a cable up to 4000 ft./1200 meters long. The crawler can be either track- or wheel-driven, depending on conditions.

This configuration can be installed on any multi-conductor inspection unit, by simply changing the existing cable to Cobra ST Cable terminated to an electronic enclosure for use on a float system. An HV control unit is added to the electronics, along with a USB sonar processor that delivers data to the imaging program that displays the sonar image at the operator control room. Call TrioVision Technologies for more information on the installation of this equipment on your existing system.

Products Details


  • 3,000-ft. range on a steerable crawler (dependent on conditions)
  • 4,000-ft. range on a float system
  • Lighting system illuminates up to 200-inch (5-Meter) diameter pipe
  • Turnkey installations available on existing trucks
  • Use as inspection system when sonar not in use
  • Can be mounted on a Truck or ATV