Track or Wheels ON DEMAND

The King Cobra rules the world of storm drain inspection with its unique steerable track or wheel choice to give you the right configuration for the inspection conditions on demand in the field.

Products Details


  • 360° joystick-controlled skid steer
  • Available with tracks or wheels
  • Unique track system for larger pipe or wheels for smaller pipe inspections
  • Automatic freewheel and automatic drive engagement
  • Variable speed
  • Single rear-mounted swivel connector reduces wear and damage to pigtail, minimizing a major source of problems
  • Employs stronger, more durable chain video cable connector
  • Industry compatible: Cobra Crawlers can be installed on any multi-conductor system with an appropriate adaptor cable (available from Cobra)
  • Access through 24-inch manholes
  • Versatile remote/manual elevator enables large pipe inspections to 120”, defaults to closed position automatically in the event of a power failure
  • No additional power supply needed for large pipe inspections
  • Side bumpers prevent rollover inside pipe