Specifically designed for the most challenging sanitary and storm lines, Cobra Mainline Crawlers are powerful, rugged and dependable. The unique belt drive system and automatic freewheel clutch make Cobra Mainline Crawlers decisively superior in performance. The Automatic Freewheel Clutch connects an electric tooth clutch in parallel to the crawler motor. When voltage is applied or removed, the clutch automatically engages or opens. Other crawlers use mechanical clutches, requiring users to drive the crawler into a freewheel condition, a time-consuming productivity sink.

Products Details


  • Forward/Reverse/Automatic Freewheel on all Cobra crawlers
  • Single, rear-mounted stainless steel swivel connector reduces wear and damage to pigtail, minimizing a major source of problems
  • Employs stronger, more durable chain video cable connector
  • Industry compatible: Cobra Crawlers can be installed on any multi-conductor system with an appropriate adaptor cable (available from Cobra)
  • No manhole entry required: Special lowering/retrieval harness included
  • Quick, simple lift wheel change for different pipe diameter size
  • Pan-and-Tilt Camera replaces Straight-Line Camera in minutes
  • Powerful 0.2HP gear motor with cut steel planetary gear reduction gear head.
  • High-strength spiral bevel gears
  • Belt drive provides 4-wheel drive
  • Long-lasting, maintenance-free drive belts
  • Easy-to-attach wheels for multiple pipe sizes
  • User can carry out all normal maintenance such as replacement of sealed bearings and drive gears
  • Powerful, yet compact enough to handle all contractor needs