The Cobra C601 Multi-Conductor Wheeled Transporter is a compact, rugged sewer crawler, compact enough to inspect 6” relined pipe. Using various wheel sets that optimize camera position, it has the capacity to inspect pipe up to 24”.

The Cobra C601 crawler operates with the Cobra C309 Camera, which provides illumination for pipe up to 72” with its directional lighting system.

Products Details


  • Operates in 6” relined through 24” pipe
  • Operates with Cobra C309 Camera, which can also be used with other crawlers
  • Joystick transporter and camera control for operational simplicity
  • Forward/Reverse speed control, all-wheel-drive
  • 360° rotate function
  • Superior traction; speeds to 60 ft. per minute
  • Tested to 20 psi
  • Single rear-mounted swivel connector reduces connection wear and damage
  • Special lowering/retrieval harness included
  • Multiple wheel sets available for quick, simple change for various pipe sizes
  • Crawler width: 4”
  • Overall Length with camera: 20”