Simple. Powerful. Robust.

PACP/LACP/MACP Certified, easy-to-use, touchscreen enabled software for pipeline survey data collection, reporting and analysis

We developed the data collection process specifically to enable the user in the field to collect data without having to manage multiple screens and complex database software programs. Utilizing a touchscreen interface like today’s smartphones and other modern electronics makes the use of AssetDMS more second nature than work.

  • Compatible with a wide range of manufacturer’s CCTV systems
  • PACP/LACP/MACP certified by NASSCO
  • Import/Export from ANY certified PACP/LACP/MACP database
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7 thru 10 operating systems
  • Intuitive design and self-guiding prompts
  • No need to remember all PACP codes and rules
  • PACP reference photos for codes

Collection of data is streamlined, simplified and accurate with the use of built-in user prompts so critical information is always captured

A Richly Functional and Intelligent User Experience (UI/UX)

Intuitive Design

AssetDMS allows intuitive data collection through a simple touchscreen. It was designed with the asset owner (municipality/contractor) and the user (operator) in mind. This unique software was created to make the CCTV pipeline inspection process faster, easier and more productive.

  • Complete on-screen/context-sensitive help file
  • Drop-down menus and intuitive prompts provide quick access to common PACP Standard reference points,
    such as:
    Pipe materials
    Survey purpose
    Pipe usage, etc.
  • Extensive reporting and easy to understand analysis tools
  • Data exported from a PACP database or ArcGIS® software can pre-populate work orders and inspection header information, based on the historical data

Due to the wide variety of defect and observation codes, each with specific requirements, we integrated a front-end validation tool for PACP-LACP compliance. This eliminates the need for operators to remember every single coding requirement.

Fully User-Driven Record and Playback Experience

AssetDMS puts record/playback power in the hands of the user. An array of intelligent features allows you to specify:

  • format
  • resolution
  • playback speed
  • and more

Through an industrial touchscreen monitor on a Windows® 7 Professional thru Windows 10 Professional platform, AssetDMS is designed to collect PACP-LACP inspection data, video files and JPEG images.

Users can select their choice of video recording formats. MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, and H.264 are included as standard recording options.

A continuous digital video recording is made of the inspection view as it appears on the television monitor. This becomes a permanent record of defects found. The digital video encoding includes both sound and video.

These images or video clips can be easily launched for viewing during inspection report review. Depending on the nature of the project, video logging and image capture are available. These may be entered in video surveys either in real time or later, from previously recorded inspections.

  • An MPEG image is taken at each saved observation, and automatically time-logged
  • The recording can be paused for brief periods
  • Software can automatically resume recording from paused point when tractor resumes forward motion
  • Recordings can be stopped and then continued via the APPEND feature
  • Playback may be viewed from one-quarter to 10X normal speed with no video distortion
  • Live and recorded video can be played side-by-side on screen for comparison

Powerful, Industry-Leading Analysis Capabilities

Data without analysis is just numbers. At AssetDMS, we’ve built in powerful analytical capabilities, allowing the user to filter extensive data sets by date/condition/geography/codes
and a whole lot more, to drive informed and accurate decision-making.

  • The basic software module has search (filter) capabilities to find information about past surveys located in the database(s)
  • The basic software module maintains a database of underground pipe and manhole assets with the entry form allowing additional detail about the pipe to be added, including map coordinates
  • A Reader is provided for viewing and printing all information, and JPEG files can be captured using the Reader from the MPEG file
  • The Site Sketch feature allows the operator to create a drawing or sketch to indicate special details about a particular asset, such as location anomalies

Powerful, Flexible Reporting Capabilities

AssetDMS allows you to interpret collected inspection data through highly customizable charts and graphs, for all your presentation and analysis needs. The intuitive interface allows the user to choose from a wide variety of axis attributes, scales and data points, giving you and your customer the power to drive visually rich, informed decision-making.

Some of AssetDMS’s most noteworthy reporting capabilities include:

  • If only a partial inspection of a manhole-to-manhole section is possible, a reverse setup is performed—per PACP requirement—as a second survey, then both inspections are displayed as a single report in Pipe Graphic and Tabular Reports
  • Section summary reports are available: all surveys within a section are listed, showing purpose of inspection, dates, work order numbers, manholes, road names and total lengths
  • Service and structural aspect scoring reports list the pipe segment reference number, total observed length, number of defects and total score (these are expressed as figures regarding condition of the total pipe; average of the pipe; total defects; and average of defects)
  • PACP Quick Rating Report
  • AssetDMS Office License reports include:
    • Project Cover Sheet
    • Cross-Section
    • Plan View
    • Continuous Defect
    • Pipe Cleaning
    • Inclinometer
    • TV Inspection with grading
    • TV Inspection without grading
    • Images
    • Defect Rating
    • Pipe Length Totals
    • Sonar Sediment
    • Grout
    • Grout Summary
    • Rehabilitation

Training & Support

We believe in tailoring our training to the individual needs of each of our customers. We will ask questions about what you do today and what you want to do tomorrow, to give us the big picture. We will work with you to customize a training process that meets your specific requirements.

On-site training available
On-site training includes both classroom and live inspection processes in the field.

Remote training available
We offer remote training for new operators, office or engineering staff to learn best practices for aligning AssetDMS usage with current daily activities. This convenient training delivery ensures a smooth transition while minimizing ramp-up time and loss of productivity.

  • All Training Includes:
  • General work flow process
  • Creation of work orders
  • Inspection processes and proper data entry techniques
  • Daily routines
  • Generation of reports
  • Analysis of reports
  • GIS integration (when module is supplied)
  • Back-up and export of data
  • Importation of data
  • And more

AssetDMS training combines classroom and field training under live pipeline inspection conditions. This comprehensive training covers how to correctly generate field reports, including all potential reporting functions available through the software.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows®-compatible PC
16GB of memory
Minimum 250GB internal or removable hard drive for video storage
SQL Express or full SQL Server (provided by client)
Osprey, Hauppauge or Diamond video card

After-Sales Support

Call toll-free or email to reach our experienced, dedicated customer service staff, who will help you with:

  • Technical support for software
  • Upgrades
  • Product manuals
  • Warranty information

Support Plans

  • 4 hours of annual remote support
  • All incremental update releases of current software version
  • Remote support Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST
  • Discounted prices on software upgrades to new version