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Thanks. Giving.

The recent Thanksgiving holiday, with all its traditions, is a great reason to get together with friends and family, enjoy a traditional feast, and celebrate all our blessings. But what reflections does it hold for professionals in the wastewater management industry?

Thanksgiving Header

We think some may include gratitude for our position of great responsibility in guardianship of the public health. Despite the relative abundance of fresh, potable water in our country, it takes focused, sustained effort to keep it safe, and that’s where we come in.

Let’s take a look at a few facts:

  • According to the EPA, most homes and businesses send their wastewater to a treatment plant, where many pollutants are removed from the water. Wastewater treatment facilities in the United States process approximately 34 billion gallons of wastewater every day.
  • Globally, two million tons of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste is discharged into the world’s waterways.
  • At least 1.8 million children under five years of age die each year from water-related disease. That’s one every 20 seconds. The World Health Organization believes about 2.2 million people die every year globally from dysentery and similar diseases, usually caused by unclean drinking and bathing water.
    When you think about it, all of us who work in wastewater management and its peripheral industries are what stands between our nation’s citizenry and potential chaos caused by rampant disease.

It is deeply gratifying to know that the work we do every day really matters. It is a source of pride and deep satisfaction that the decisions we make in the course of our work has a direct impact on the wellness of ourselves and our fellow citizens. After all, how many can truly say this?

Let’s give thanks this year, and every year to come, that we have been entrusted with such important work, and allow it to motivate us to strive each day to be worthy of that trust. Let’s remember that it is in the giving of our all, in service to our work and our country, that we are part of the solution.

WWETT show booth, day one

Show Seasons: Thanks for a great February!

February is always a busy month here at TrioVision/Cobra Technologies, and this year was no exception. It’s big show season, and we took ours on the road to Perry, Georgia for the APW Show, and to Indianapolis for the WWETT Show.

It’s always so great to see our current customers face to face, and to meet and make new ones. Technology is great (it’s our business!) but there’s nothing like being able to put a face with a name, and to really get a sense of our clients the way it’s only possible in person.

The Big Shows

At both big shows, we had the distinct pleasure and pride of being able to showcase a few of our customers’ custom inspection vehicles, in which we had installed various of our systems, software and pieces of equipment.

Randy AskeaWe wish to thank Randy Askea of Continental Pipe Services in Atlanta, for allowing us to use the Cobra Technologies mobile CCTV inspection van we created for them at the GPWA show.

We were really proud to display our TrioVision TVT 150 Pipe Inspection System at both shows. This robust, Windows-based system performs complete CCTV pipe inspections, recording pipeline defects and synchronously transmitting video to the control unit. Our daylight-readable touch-screen monitor, along with our portable control unit, processes and saves videos in the field. Show attendees were pretty impressed, too.

TrioVision Xplorer FreeHD Pole Camera SystemWe also showcased our new Xplorer FreeHD Pole Camera System, a wireless high definition (Full HD 1920×1080) lightweight, portable video inspection system operable by one person. The system is capable of capturing stunning 1080P video and photos that your clients will appreciate and your community deserves. The control unit is based on user preference, and can be an off-the-shelf Windows® 10 Professional tablet PC, convertible laptop or standard laptop.

Cobra inspection truck and equipmentWe had a blast demonstrating our new Cobra C-801 belt drive mainline crawler and the C510 steerable storm crawler, as well as our muscular new King Cobra steerable transporter, with tracks or wheels on demand, automatic freewheel and automatic drive engagement, variable speed and versatile remote/manual elevator. It looks as cool as it sounds.

King Cobra Crawler

We gave away FREE NASSCO-certified PACP Software at the WWETT Show, just for stopping to visit us in our booth—just another way we always try to go above and beyond expectations.

All in all, it was a memorable show season, in which we proved our commitment to helping take the industry to the next level. As always, though, we couldn’t do it without you, and we really appreciate everyone who supports us as we support you.