Manufacturer Considerations, Part 2: Who Comes First?

Last time, in discussing manufacturer considerations, we covered important questions to ask about potential equipment vendors, regarding identifying real decision makers, and the ability of the company to be flexible in meeting your needs. This post, we’re taking a look at not just the potential vendor’s flexibility in ability, but also in attitude. Your key […]

Manufacturer Considerations, Part 1: Choose Your Partners Well.

When you take on the purchasing role in your company, with each buying choice you must decide whether the purchase warrants a short-term or long-term stance: are you just choosing a vendor, or a partner in your success? With consumable items such as office or cleaning supplies, you can basically view them as commodities, which […]

Due Diligence Series #1 - Equipment Considerations

Pipeline Inspection Equipment Considerations: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

Welcome to the first post in our Due Diligence series, intended to help you make sure your capital expenditures end up being investments, not expenses. Let’s face it: Capital expenditures are probably the second most significant line item in your budget, whether you’re a municipality or a contractor. The specialized equipment you use to perform […]

TrioVision Pole Camera

Within Reach: Pole Camera Differences and Applications

If you’re just getting into underground asset CCTV inspection, or are simply looking to broaden your services with some new equipment investment, you may be finding the range and type of pole cameras somewhat confusing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why this post is something of a pole camera primer. What’s The Difference? Mainline […]