Alpharetta, Georgia city workers inspect a sewer pipeline

Feature article about our customer, the City of Alpharetta, Georgia – published in Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine, September 2017

Alpharetta, Georgia utility’s stormwater management team finds a technology solution for NPDES compliance.

In July 2015, the city of Alpharetta, Georgia, was awarded a grant from the federal EPA for field inspections of its stormwater system. The city’s inspection equipment, however, wasn’t quite up to the task. The decade-old existing pipeline inspection equipment and software was woefully out of date and not up to the needs of the current project. They had one pole camera, a steerable pan-tilt-zoom pipe camera, and 1,000 feet of cable on a reel. Everything was contained in a small, enclosed trailer specifically designed for CCTV inspection, but the technology was out of date.

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